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Mark Forgy is currently completing a forthcoming memoir about Elmyr and my life with him, entitled, "The Forger's Apprentice: Life with the World's Most Notorious Artist."

Fake Fakes in the Forger’s Oeuvre

One more story about Elmyr de Hory by Johannes Rød Preprints of the IIC Nordic Group 16th Congress, Reykjavik, 2003, s. 53-57. If an art forger becomes famous because of his ”dirty” business, his pictures, fake or not, surely … Continue reading

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“I prefer the buffet in my dining room.”

Pull out those forgotten matador lamps from the attic with those pink ruffled shades, the ones worn as hats by your drunken relatives on New Years Eve. Have I got the perfect center piece for you! Someone sent me a … Continue reading

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“…You Don’t Know Me, But…”

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000180 EndHTML:0000006094 The recent exhibition of Elmyr’s art at the Hillstrom Museum of Art in Minnesota yielded unexpected surprises. Newspaper articles about the show caught the attention of two people who in turn contacted me. I didn’t know their … Continue reading

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Fake Elmyrs?

I recall an evening at Elmyr’s villa, La Falaise, during which I asked him what he thought about the prospect of others creating fake Elmyrs. He looked at me; his expressionless face suggested I had asked a silly question. A … Continue reading

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